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Glass blowing began in 1989 in Beeville, Texas thru the work, interest, and effort of Jayne Duryea. The facility was established through a private seed grant given to the Visual Arts Division of Coastal Bend College for just that purpose. It was the first Junior college to offer this program and has become the oldest academic educational glassblowing facility in the State of Texas.

The traditional offhand Italian glass blowing course, ARTS 2371, began in 1990. Coastal Bend College has a strong competitive Associate in Arts program, transferable to surrounding Texas Colleges and Universities.

Coastal Bend College seeks to pursue in-depth study in the art of glass in all forms by providing you with the most noted teachers and artists.

If you do not want or need to pursue a degree, Coastal Bend College offers Glass Blowing Workshops in May each year just for having fun and learning the art of Glass Blowing. All you need is 4 or 5 days and sign up for a class.

Glass Blowing forms are Paperweights, Small Vessels, Solid Forms and Sculptual works.

Forming molten glass on the end of a blowpipe is an exciting way to experience the essence of this raw material.  Through lectures and hands-on work, students learn the basic techniques of forming glass:  gathering, blowing, and puntying.

Glass Fusing and Slumping consist of Fused Paintings, Plates, Bowls and Sandblasting. Using kiln techniques for fusing (melting pieces of flat glass together) and slumping (melting flat glass over a three-dimensional object).

Texas and United States history of Glass Blowing began in the 1960's.

More information about Glass Art from around the world is available on the Glass Art Society site, where there is support for the worldwide community of artists.